Vessel – Ultra Violet


Redesigned and better then ever, these vessels boast an easy pouring spout, with a bamboo lid that makes them perfect for travel. Borosilicate glass weathers the temperature and you can choose to have a heat proof silicon cover to slip over the base of your candle for grip and protection against heat.



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We do not recommend that you leave the vessels to pool as temperature will rise as the burn continues, and note that burning to the base of the glass can cause imperfections in the vessel. For this reason, we have poured a safety guide at the base.


These colours glow under blacklight for a bit more pizazz.


Low | 48°C

Designed for the sensitive skin, you may find that this wax remains silky against the skin as body temperature is enough to keep it pliable and soft.


Medium | 54°C

A standard springing off point for many wax-players, this temperature can be adjusted pending the height from which you drip, or building upon already warmed and waxed skin and increase the intensity.

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Nebula, Kryptonite, Atomic, Venom, Acid, Sherbet, Galactic


Low (48), Standard (53)


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