Pillar – Ultra Violet


Hand-poured, hand-finished and custom designed in Australia*, for a delicious time.

Specifically made with your pleasure in mind, you can choose how sweet or spicy you want your scene to be with these single wicked, paraffin delights. You have three specific temperatures and some fancy colours that glow under blacklight to choose from.


*Please note that all our candles are hand-poured and finished, which means that despite our very best attempts, there may be slight variations on the colour, weight and dimension.



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Low | 48°C

Designed for the sensitive skin, you may find that this wax remains silky against the skin as body temperature is enough to keep it pliable and soft.

Medium | 54°C

A standard springing off point for many wax-players, this temperature can be adjusted pending the height from which you drip, or building upon already warmed and waxed skin and increase the intensity.

Wasabi | 58°C

Ouch, spicy, hot! Inspired by the incomparable Satomi Zpira, this candle will pack a punch. For those that like to be extra, or for the pepper to your play, enter at your own risk.


Approximate quantity: 90g

Approximate dimensions: 16cm (H) x 3CM (C)

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Nebula, Kryptonite, Atomic, Venom, Acid, Sherbet, Galactic


Low (48), Standard (53), Wasabi (58)


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